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Master all challenges of your robot automation with ease.


Plan your automation in an intuitive 3D web-environment. Build a digital twin of your application and evaluate its technical feasibility.


  • Runs on a cloud server


forever (only for SMEs)

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Integrate your robot and all peripherals fast and easy. Create, optimize and run your robot applications.


  • Pre-installed on a Box PC

from € 3.990,00

one-time (per robot)




3D-Vision Visualization of the entire robot system in a 3D environment
Creation of program sequences from function blocks via drag&drop
Simulated robot arm with a wide range of robot models
Adaptation of the HMI to the requirements of the application
Wizards (Parametrize function blocks) and Guides (Create programs step by step)
Control of the entire process flow of a robot application
Setup, parametrization and control of robot and peripherals
Connection of hardware via Ethernet, I/Os or USB
Connection of hardware via Modbus TCP Details ()
Computer vision functionalities (2D and/or 3D) Details ()
Services (Support, updates, deployment, training) ()
() = Optional
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Solve any application with our smart Modules


Use advanced computer vision tools to give your robot eyes.


  • Hand eye calibration guide

  • OpenCV and HALCON integrations

  • Graphical camera setup

  • Works with the most camera brands


Integrate trusted 3D vision systems into drag&bot.


  • Enables vision-guided bin-picking, palettizing, assembly and much more

  • Automatic generation of robot movements

  • Works with Roboception and bp3 (by Fraunhofer IPA)