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With minimal effort your hardware is connected to drag&bot OS

drag&bot OS supports a wide range of different robots, almost all grippers and material feeding systems, as well as the most common vision systems and communication interfaces.

Save valuable time when integrating grippers, cameras or PLC systems. With minimal effort, your hardware is connected to drag&bot and you can start immediately.
Use the hardware that best fits your application!

Camera systems

Camera systems

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more details


Robot manufacturerController & Software-VersionsRequired software packages from the robot manufacturer
ABBIRC5,IRC5 Compact, Omnicore616-1 PC Interface 623-1 Multitasking
FanucR-30iB Mate & Plus > V8.10 (not V8.33)R648 User Socket Msg R632 KAREL
KUKAKR C4 iiwaRSI > 3.1.6 Sunrise > 1.13
NachiCFD >4.72-
ComauKEBA KeMotionSee Kemro X Licences
EpsonSPEL 7.0+-
DensoRC8: VS087b-CAP (Teil von ORiN2 SDK)
MecademicMeca500 R3-
Universal RobotsCB2, CB3, e-series-


drag&bot OS supports a variety of different grippers and gripper systems from different manufacturers:


Zimmer Group supplies ready-to-install clamping grippers as well as customized robot solutions for gripping and positioning. All grippers based on IO are supported. For grippers that use the IO-Link protocol, an IO-Link master adapter is also required.

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Market leader in automation with vacuum. All IO-based gripper systems are supported, e.g. the ECBPi or FXCB series.

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Schunk is the world's No. 1 for industrial gripping systems. All IO grippers as well as all grippers of the WSG series are supported.

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Robotiq offers various grippers, vision systems and sensors for cobots. In addition to the IO grippers, the Modbus-based models 2F-85 and 2F-140 are also supported.

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Weiss Robotics

Weiss Robotics offers digital clamping grippers and UR+ certified gripping solutions, among others. The manufacturer's WSG models are supported.

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IO Gripper

drag&bot OS supports all IO-based grippers and gripping systems.

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Camera systems

drag&bot OS supports a number of different 2D and 3D image processing systems:


Basler offers a wide range of affordable USB and network cameras and accessories for the industry.

drag&bot documentation


Balluf's Smart Vision smartcams are particularly suitable for rapid use in defect detection and quality inspection.

drag&bot documentation


Cognex's Insight smartcams cover a wide range of applications and are available with comprehensive accessories (lenses, lights, etc.).

drag&bot documentation


Roboception offers affordable 3D smartcams and software modules for specific applications in industrial automation.

drag&bot documentation


The drag&bot OS software is alternatively available as a module in Kemro X - the modular control platform from KEBA. The combination of Kemro X and drag&bot OS results in further advantages. For example, the following functions can be used together with drag&bot OS on a KEBA control:

Individual machine visualization

Using KEBA's own visualization framework, machine builders can quickly and efficiently create their own graphical user interfaces.

KeView Visualization software

Own robot control

KeMotion, the robot control software from KEBA is compatible with drag&bot OS and can be used together.

KeMotion robotik software

Interfaces & Hardware Modules

Kemro X has its own EtherCAT master and also supports other industrial protocols. In addition, various interfaces are available.

KEBA I/O modules

Integrated SPS

Kemro X uses CODESYS for SPS programming for industrial control and automation technology.

CODESYS website


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