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Our customer segments

Machinery and equipment manufacturers

who want to use flexible robots as part of their products and solutions and who value intuitive, graphical and integrated operation of the robots by their end users or who want to remain independent of individual robot manufacturers.

Robot system integrators

prepare robot applications with drag&bot OS in such a way that their customers can adjust the programs, waypoints and parameters of the robot programs with their own personnel.

Producing companies

that want to use flexible robots, i.e., regularly, independently require changes to the robot application and do not have own robot experts or the adjustments are to be made directly by employees in the production itself.

Robot manufacturers

who quickly need an intuitive, customizable user interface for their end users.


who want to test new processes and applications with industrial robots without having to deal with the interfaces to the robot.

Educational institutions

who want to explain robotics to their students in a simple, vendor-independent way.

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drag&bot OS turns production workers into robot specialists