Vision Systems from ROBOCEPTION

Roboception offers innovative hardware and software 3D perception solutions that enable robotic systems to reliably capture their environment in real time.

  • Innovative solutions for navigation, real-time perception and manipulation for robotic systems
  • Generate time and location-related data in real time using the rc_visard stereo sensor
  • Tailored perception solutions with using application-specific rc_reason modular software components
  • Rely on highly intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, parametrization and programming
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Box Pick

The rc_visard detects rectangular surfaces in predefined size ranges with the BoxPick module and calculates potential gripping points. The module enables the recognition of position, orientation and size of the objects and enables the robot to place them at a predefined position. Applications: Palletizing, unpacking of pallets, sorting of packages. The BoxPick module is displayed in drag&bot using function blocks.

Item Pick

For complex objects or work spaces, applications can be optimized with ItemPick. The rc_visard is equipped with a projector and the corresponding IO Control Module.
Applications: Vacuum grippers, calculates suitable surface points for this purpose.
The ItemPick module is displayed in drag&bot using function blocks.

Start calibration

With Roboception’s own calibration process and drag&bot software, the camera can be calibrated with just a few clicks. The camera is fixed to the cell (Static) or to the robot arm (Dynamic). A calibration plate is used to determine the relative distance between robot and camera. The individual steps of the calibration are again displayed via function blocks.

Calibration process

The camera is calibrated using four different positions of the robot. This can be done either manually or by using a new drag&bot program. With these positions the camera calculates its position and the robot’s position. With drag&bot, changes can be made here at any time during a production run. At the end of the calibration process, feedback is given on the extent to which the calibration was successful and where the positions are located in space.

Why you should use this camera with drag&bot


Suitable for mounting on robot, in complex lighting conditions

Suitable for robot mounting when color differentiation is required

Mobile applications or static mounting when lighting conditions are challenging

Mobile applications or static mounting when colors need to be detected

Possible applications