MECADEMIC’s Meca500 is smaller than any other industrial robot and incredibly compact and easy to mount in any orientation.

The controller of the Meca500 is embedded in its base. There is no bulky controller cabinet, no teach pendant or messy cables. Drag&bot supports the Meca500 controller and ensures an easy integration.

MECADEMIC was founded in 2013 and offers compact, precise, and easy to integrate robot arms. The goal of the founders was to encourage the use and accessibility of industrial robots in a broader range of industries. The MECADEMIC robots are typically used for testing and inspection or material handling tasks

The Meca500: 

Designed as a plug-and-work automation component, it is the most precise six-axis robot arm with a repeat accuracy of 2μm. The programming and control C works via PC or SPS. When fully extended, the length of the Meca500 robot arm is about 330 mm. The Meca500 weighs 4.5 kg and has a payload of 0.5 kg.

Control your MECADEMIC robot in an individual 3D-environment with drag&bot SIMULATION.

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How does deployment work?

Why you should program robots with drag&bot

Graphical user interface for every robot – drag&bot

  • SCENARIO DESIGNER – 3D models of the robot cell and the workpieces can be added here to the visualization.

  • BUILDER – Applications can be created from predefined function blocks using drag and drop.

  • WIZARDS – Graphical operating and input aids: Users can adapt function blocks to the specific requirements of their application without expert knowledge.

  • OPERATOR COCKPIT – This is where the created applications are executed. One click takes you back to the builder and you can extend and optimize the application.


Graphical user interface for every robot – drag&bot