FANUC Robots

FANUC offers more than 100 models of industrial robots for diverse applications and industries. With the R-30iB controller, FANUC has developed its new standard for smart productivity, fast cycle times and high accuracy. Drag&bot supports all FANUC models using this controller together with the following software packages:

R-30iB control is FANUC’s new standard for smarter productivity

  • Full connectivity over an Ethernet network
  • Flexible appearance, high screen resolution and strong processability
  • Integrated high-performance PMC has access to the entire I/O system of the robot and allows easy separate or asynchronous control of peripheral devices
About the software package R648:

  • Enables data exchange between networked robots and a remote PC with LINUX or a UNIX workstation
  • Typical application: robot with a KAREL program that sends process information to a monitoring program
  • Uses the TCP/IP protocol to transmit raw data or data that is present in its original, unformatted form throughout the network
  • Applications that require timeouts, heartbeats, or data formatting commands can provide these additional semantics on both the client and server (application) sides of the socket messaging connection

The KAREL option:

  • required to execute all customer KAREL programs in FANUC robots
  • a powerful programming language that allows you to access and control all aspects of the FANUC robot except movement
  • only necessary for older controllers, KAREL is already pre-installed for newer controller versions

FANUC has more than 60 years of experience in the development of CNC technologies. With more than 22.5 million installed products, it is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of factory automation, industrial robots, CNC systems, wire EDM/injection molding machines and vertical machining centers. FANUC operates in 264 subsidiaries worldwide and employs more than 7,000 people.

Robot Example M-10-Series:

The M-10 series provides improved flow rates and optimised cycle times for various pick&place and machine tending operations. With its 130 kg, the M-10 can handle up to 12 kg payload, has high axis speed and acceleration, which results in high wrist movements. The slim cable-integrated arm as well as the wrist assembly support make them suitable for operating even in confined work areas.

Control your FANUC robot in an individual 3D-environment with drag&bot SIMULATION.

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