EPSON Robots

EPSON offers all-in-one robots with easy integration, which take only a short time to install. The products are well known for their ease of use, reliability, performance and overall value. EPSON robots are easy to integrate and operate with drag&bot.

Drag&bot supports all Epson controllers in SPEL 7.0+, including older versions.

  • One of the smallest 6-axis controllers in the world
  • Can be used for SCARA and for 6-axis robots
  • Image processing with Epson Vision Guide 5.0
  • Extended communication via fieldbus, RS-232C and I/O
  • USB backup
  • Standard I/O
  • Stand-alone and integrated system
  • Extension to multi-manipulator control possible
  • Supports all common field bus systems
  • All functions of robot control, motion control and sequence control without the use of a PLC
  • Integrated Ethernet interface
  • TCP-IP and RS 232 connection
  • Powerful and compact slave control
  • Image processing with Epson Vision Guide 7.0
  • Extended communication via fieldbus, RS-232C and I/O
  • Communication interfaces: including Ethernet interface, USB, USB backup, standard I/O and RS-232C
  • Compatible with SCARA robots

EPSON is a global company with 85 subsidiaries and more than 81 000 employees worldwide. It is among the Top 100 global technology leaders and operates in various industries, such as printers, microdevices or robots. EPSON set a large focus on environmental awareness, reduction of waste, power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Example 1: 6-axis model VT6 series

The VT6-A901 with 900 mm reach holds a payload of 3 to 6 kg. With an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, a low total weight of 40kg and the integrated robot controller in the robot base, the robot is ideal for precision tasks. The model has 24 digital input / 16 digital output IO signals and is affordable at a price of less than €15,000. No external teach pendant is required to control the robot with drag&bot.


Example 2: T-series SCARA models

EPSON as the No.1 SCARA robot manufacturer offers more than 300 different models. The T-series models are available in two versions: 400mm reach and 3kg maximum payload or 600mm reach and 6kg maximum payload. The Epson Synthis T3, for example, ensures an efficient operation and easy integration in a compact design and thus makes it perfect for simple pick and place, material handling and assembly tasks.

Control your EPSON robot in an individual3D-environment with drag&bot SIMULATION.

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