Force-Torque Sensor from WACOH

Japanese company, on the market since 2007.

  • Production and distribution of force sensors
  • Development, production and distribution of products for the application of MENS sensors (acceleration, gyro)
  • Capacitive and structurally simple
  • Specializes entirely on force sensors and their accessories
  • Dyn Pick offers water- and dustproof structure with stopper mechanism
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Why this force-torque sensor should be used with drag&bot


Force control of industrial robots, precision assembly, deburring, shear force testing, grinding work, etc.

How does the deployment work?

Graphical user interface for every robot – drag&bot

  • SCENARIO DESIGNER – 3D models of the robot cell and the workpieces can be added here to the visualization.

  • BUILDER – Applications can be created from predefined function blocks using drag and drop.

  • WIZARDS – Graphical operating and input aids: Users can adapt function blocks to the specific requirements of their application without expert knowledge.

  • OPERATOR COCKPIT – This is where the created applications are executed. One click takes you back to the builder and you can extend and optimize the application.