Machine Tending

Loading and unloading of all types of machines, feeding and removal of parts from machines, fixtures, equipment, testing machines, rotary indexing tables, machine tools, machining centers, etc.

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Which machines can be automated with robots?

Loading and unloading machines is one of the most common pick-and-place tasks. The robot takes the part from a parts supply, places it in the machine and then puts it back in the right place.

What tasks do robots perform on the machine?

  • Loading blanks into machine

  • Remove finished parts from the machine

  • Open or close machine doors

  • Communicate with the machine

  • Blow off coolant and chips and clean parts

  • Downstream processes, e.g. deburring, polishing, testing or assembly

Robots play a central role in the automation of our machines. A large part is already requested with robotics.

- Carsten Placke, Managing Director of the machine tool manufacturer Placke GmbH, Germany.

Possibilities for interaction with the machine

Common signals for communication between robot and machine using the example of a CNC

Input/Output Connector, IO-Nr, Pin
Signal DescriptionCNC IO-Nr,
I124 V: CNC indicates that new part is ready for pickup and can be gripped by the robot
00 V: no new part on CNC fixture ready for pickup or available
I224 V: CNC Clamping device closed
00 V: CNC clamping fixture open
I324 V: CNC has errors
00 V: CNC without error
O124 V: Error on robot or in robot program
00 V: Robot program is running or robot is ready for use
INPUT Nr. #1
O224 V: Robot in waiting position, ready to pick up next part from CNC
00 V: Robot not in waiting position
INPUT Nr. #2
O324 V: Gripper on robot has gripped machined part in clamping devic
00 V: Gripper on robot is open or currently no part is gripped
INPUT Nr. #3
O424 V: Robot has moved new blank into clamping device and waits until clamping device is closed
00 V: No new blank present in clamping device
O524 V: Robot is in the collision area of the CNC. CNC / clamping device must not move
00 V: Robot has moved out of collision area, CNC can move chip preparation/ / tools
INPUT Nr. #5
O724 V: Robot needs new layer, grid is full.
00 V: Robot loads current grid.
External signal lamp

Further possible applications for flexible robotics

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