Mechanical Assembly

Screw fastening with small tolerances, inserting plastic clips, combining gears.

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Screwing in one of the most used connection techniques between different plastic and/or metal parts across all industries. Robots need to have a special screwing tool and screw feeder to pick up screws reliably. Being able to control the screwing speed and necessary pressing force during the process makes it one of the more challenging assembly tasks with robots. Due to its flexibility drag&bot is already used for screwing in several industrial applications. The video on the right shows an exemplary screwdriving application with UR 10 robot, Basler ACE camera, Schunk gripper and Atlas Copco screwdriver.

Thanks to Fraunhofer IPA and Atlas Copco for sharing the video.

Thanks to Fraunhofer IPA for sharing the video.


Clips are often used as a more flexible and lightweight connection technique between different parts. Similar to screwing, robot often need to be force sensitive to ensure a fast and reliable clipping process. Due to its advanced force-controlled module, drag&bot was used for clipping parts in several applications. The video shows a force-controlled assembly process with the drag&bot force module, together with a KUKA robot and a Schunk gripper

Mounting Parts

Mounting and connecting parts together just using pressure and force between the parts is a common technique in the automotive or white goods industry. For robots this means variances in part locations using force controlled-movements as well as cameras to locate the different parts and inspect the result after mounting parts together. drag&bot is used for various mounting tasks in different robot applications. The video shows the automated positioning and joining of flexible components with a UR 10 robot.

Thanks to Fraunhofer IPA for sharing the video.

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