Electronics Assembly

Handling and assembling electronics platines, inserting connectors and cables, DIN rail assembly.

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Mounting mainboards

Due to the constant progress in miniaturization, manufacturing processes need to handle very small footprints and connector sizes and are therefore more and more difficult and time consuming. In addition PC and laptops are becoming increasingly more individualized. Flexible robots can greatly help to speed up PC and mainboard assembly as well as reduce manual errors or miss configuration. For sub-millimeter precise assembly, robots need to be force controlled and cameras need to be utilized to check the results. The video on the right shows an example of the assembly of RAMs in mainboards together with a KUKA iiwa and a Zimmer gripper

Thanks to Fraunhofer IPA for sharing the video.

DIN Rail Assembly

DIN rail assembly in control cabinets currently still required lots of manual work. Often the provisioning of the different modules is challenging, due to undefined positions of the modules as well as obstactures due e.g. cartognages. The assembly on the DIN rail also needs to be very precise and need certain forces for clipping the module. Various variations of different modules need to be assembled. drag&bot offers force controlled assembly strategies as well as vision systems to build even challenge applications for DIN rail assembly (see video example with UR robot).

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