What is drag&bot?

drag&bot is an intuitive web-based software for easy setup, programming and operation of industrial robots. The graphical user interface allows unexperienced users to generate a program sequence through drag&drop of reusable function blocks. No programming knowledge is required to step your company into the robotic automation era.

To fit all application needs, drag&bot can be enhanced in various ways:


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Help users to set parameters in an intutive way.

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Step-by-step graphical assistants to create applications.

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Software extensions for advanced use-cases.

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Drivers to support different hardware components.


Each drag & bot program consists of a sequence of function blocks. Function blocks are e.g. “Move robot to position X, Y, Z” or “Open gripper”. Depending on the function block it is possible to set different parameters. These parameters can either be entered manually or intuitively selected using graphical assistants called Wizards.

  • Movement Wizard – Move your robot from a hardware-independent control interface.

  • Trajectory Wizard – Easy definition of trajectories consisting of one to many waypoints.

  • Gripper Wizard – Control any supported electrical gripper with an intuitive interface.

  • Camera Wizard – Teaching waypoints using a stereo camera.



Guides are step-by-step graphical assistants for creating complete robot programs. They help users to quickly create a suitable program structure for typical use cases like picking sorted parts from blisters.

  • De-/Palletizing Guide – Helps you to pick or place objects from a grid.

  • Screwing Guide – Quickly create new screw-driving robot applications.


drag&bot is extensible through different modules providing additional functionalities.

  • Force – Allows to use advanced force-controlled assembly strategies in combination with a force sensor.

  • Object LocalizationHelps to determine the position of objects in the workspace using a 2D camera and OpenCV computer vision algorithms.

  • New modules upcoming in 2018.



For currently supported robots, hardware and external software modules see:

Supported components

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