Robot programming – Status quo

The programming of robots is typically complex and expensive and is therefore often carried out by experts – so-called robot system integrators. Only plant constructors (who install robots in their own plants) or very large companies with more than 5000 employees usually have their own experts in-house to program their robot systems.

Smaller companies are therefore often unable to use their robot systems flexibly and cost-effectively and are also dependent on system integrators. Employees in production can only create their own robot programs by extensive training of the robot manufacturers or by learning a programming language in order to quickly and flexibly adapt existing robot programs.

Although the first basics of robotics are taught in training occupations such as industrial electronics, mechatronics, etc., the programming of industrial robots is normally not part of the teaching content.

At colleges and universities there are more and more robot labs, but the programming is often done by external experts. Alternatively, pupils and students teach themselves programming through “learning-by-doing”.

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