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Why robotics is so expensive and inflexible

Operating industrial robots like a smartphone

With drag&bot, robot programming becomes possible for everyone. Thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface of the software, even employees with no experience in working with robots can solve complex tasks. drag&bot offers companies a very flexible and cost-efficient way to use industrial robots in production by significantly reducing setup time, configuration effort and the required robotics know-how.


  • Integrated: A large number of interfaces to robots, grippers, cameras, force-torque sensors and PLCs allow you to freely select the appropriate components for your application
  • Graphical: The intuitive user interface enables all employees to quickly implement robot applications without extensive training
  • Independent of manufacturers: The layout of the user interface is independent of robot manufacturers and models. Your employees only have to master one robot software

Your Benefits

  • Economical automation: Save up to 50% engineering costs on robot deployment and retrofitting by becoming your own integrator

  • Use robots flexibly: With drag&bot you can create robot programs 5x faster than with conventional operator interfaces and thus convert your robots in record time

  • Investing in the future: Build up your own automation competence. Inflexible turn-key solutions that make you dependent on the system integrator are a thing of the past

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Broad support for robots and peripherals

drag&bot supports a variety of different robots, almost all grippers and force sensors and the most common image processing systems and communication interfaces.

Save valuable time when integrating grippers, cameras or PLC systems with drag&bot. With minimal effort, your hardware is connected to drag&bot and you can get started right away.

Use the hardware that suits your application best!

Automation in 3 steps

drag&bot accompanies you through the entire life cycle of a robot system

1. Planning

drag&bot SIMULATION | Planner
  • Integrate 3D models of the plant and the end effector into the visualization
  • Check accessibility and cycle time
  • Prepare program

2. Deployment

drag&bot Technician
  • Integrate components
  • Programming an application
  • Flexible adaptation and expansion

3. Production

  • Parameterize and execute application
  • Monitor the system
  • Handle errors

Your benefits with drag&bot

Take the chance to talk to one of our robot experts and ask your questions. Learn more about our software that makes robot programming as easy as using a smartphone!  Be there, it’ll be worth it!

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