Flexible, intuitive robotics
for system integrators
& mechanical engineers

With drag&bot, you as a system integrator or (special) machine builder enable your customers to easily operate and flexibly use robot systems. At the same time, you become more efficient in planning, integration and programming.

We show you in a free online demo how you can benefit from drag&bot! 

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    Challenges in deploying robot applications

    drag&bot pick&place vaccum gripper palletizing

    Customers ask for flexibility

    Customers themselves want to integrate new product versions and adapt existing programs

    drag&bot screwing door parts in production

    Missing know-how

    Robot experts are hard to find / keep, expensive and rarely available

    Hardware dependency

    There are no standards, employees need expensive and manufacturer-specific training

    Our solution: The drag&bot framework

    Automation in 3 steps

    drag&bot accompanies you through the entire life cycle of a robot system

    1. Plan

    drag&bot SIMULATION | Planner
    • Import CAD models of cell and gripper in 3D-environment

    • Check accessibility and cycle time

    • Prepare programs

    • Create application specific functions

    2. Build

    drag&bot Technician
    • Easy integration of robots and peripherals

    • Create and configure applications from predefined function blocks

    • Enable programs for operators and customize the HMI

    3. Operate

    drag&bot PRODUCTION
    • Parameterize and execute applications

    • Monitor the system using various KPIs

    • Guided move to safe positions

    • Interact with the system via user dialogs

    Partner success story:
    Automated sheet metal bending cell of Placke GmbH

    Application and benefits

    • Automated sheet metal processing – especially suitable for small lot sizes

    • Robot removes sheets from stacks, positions sheets in edge bench according to the part, starts the bending process and deposits finished parts

    • Thanks to the graphical user interface, customers can independently teach-in new parts in a few minutes

    • New customer segment can be addressed: Customers with automation needs of the plant and high flexibility in robot control

    placke zelle runview

    Used functions of drag&bot

    • Predefined processes, which the customer can adapt to specific parts

    • Selection dialogs and parameter inputs, e.g. for the definition of gripping points or for selecting from which stacks parts will be gripped

    • Function blocks for bending, which can be combined part-specifically by drag-and-drop

    • Predefined positions and trajectories for collision-free movement of the robot

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    Broad support for robots and peripherals

    drag&bot supports a large number of different robots, almost all grippers and force sensors as well as the most common image processing systems and communication interfaces.

    Use drag&bot to save valuable time when integrating grippers, cameras or PLC systems. With minimal effort, your hardware is connected to drag&bot and you can get started immediately.

    Use the hardware that best suits your application!