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Robot Brands and Models

  • Universal Robot – all models: UR3, UR5, UR10

  • KUKA – all models based on the KRC4 controller as well as the KUKA iiwa

  • Denso – all models based on the RC8 or RC8A controller

  • Fanuc – all models based on the R-30iB controller

  • ABB – all models based on the IRC5 controller

industrial robot gripping components


  • Schunk – All WSG models

  • Robotiq – 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper

  • All I/O-controlled robot tools – e.g. pneumatic grippers and vacuum grippers from vendors like Schunk, Schmalz and Fipa.

  • DynPick – capacitive 6-axis force sensor

  • … – Your gripper/end effector is missing? Contact us! We support your specific gripper/end effector on request

Image Processing and
Other Gateways

  • Sick – PIM60

  • Various – 2D USB-Kameras

  • MVTec HalCon commercial image processing solution

  • OpenCV – open source image processing library

  • bp3TM – bin picking software by Fraunhofer IPA

Your Hardware Setup

Your preferred component is not yet integrated? Please let us know so we can discuss more details together.

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