Vision Systems for your application

drag&bot supports a variety of different 2D and 3D VISION systems

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One of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of industrial cameras with a broad product range.


Global player with high-quality sensor, identification, network and software solutions for all areas of automation.


Worldwide leading supplier of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and industrial barcode readers.


This startup offers unique 3D vision solutions consisting of hardware and application-specific software components.

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SensoPart focuses on industrial vision sensors that are based on a powerful smart camera.


Sick develops and produces sensors, systems and services for industrial automation technology.

Thanks to drag&bot, all market-relevant camera systems are quickly connected to the robot

drag&bot offers interfaces to non-intelligent and intelligent camera systems, so-called smartcams. All smartcams usually have their own control software for configuring the camera and creating image processing applications. This software often runs under Microsoft Windows, newer cameras also offer the option of making all configurations completely via a web interface on the camera. After configuration and creation of the app, drag&bot can communicate with the camera via TCP/IP.

For dumb-cams, that is non-intelligent cameras, drag&bot offers the add-on module VISION, which enables an integrated hand-eye-calibration. This allows simple image processing directly via drag&bot with the Open Source software OpenCV.

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Jede Hardware verwenden und beliebig kombinieren

drag&bot unterstützt eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Roboter, nahezu alle Greifer und Material-Zuführsysteme sowie die gängigsten Bildverarbeitungssysteme und Kommunikationsschnittstellen. 

Sparen Sie wertvolle Zeit bei der Integration von Greifern, Kameras oder SPS-Systemen. Mit minimalem Aufwand ist Ihre Hardware mit drag&bot verbunden und Sie können sofort loslegen.

Verwenden Sie die Hardware, die am besten zu Ihrer Anwendung passt!



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