Force-Torque Sensor from Robotiq

Robotiq serves all industries of robotics and offers with its F-/T-Sensor:

  • Integrated compatibility with the CB series from Universal Robots
  • Constant force and stiffness in each axis
  • Precise, repeatable and high-resolution measurements
  • High accuracy due to stiff metal composition
  • Resetting the sensor value

In addition to F/T sensors, Robotiq also offers gripping systems, joint cameras and grinding kits.

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  • A Modbus to USB converter allows the connection to a PC
  • Communication with the gripper is via Modbus
  • The Modbus protocol was originally invented in 1979 and is a communication protocol based on a master/slave or client/server architecture

Why this force-torque sensor should be used with drag&bot


Simple, robust and flexible

How does the deployment work?