Robots for palletizing, depalletizing and packaging

Arrangement and stacking of cartons, packages, boxes on pallets – Line up products, stack boxes – Layer-Picking – Case-Picking

Advantages of robots for palletizing, depalletizing and packing with drag&bot

Which technologies are used?

Carton erector, sealer, gluer

Packaging lines differ not only in the possible carton sizes (standard is often the “” series), but also in terms of performance and the possibility of refilling cartons during operation without having to stop the line.

Line separator

Used to “line up” goods from a linear conveyor into multiple rows side by side.

“layered case packing” / “robot case packing”

Specially designed grippers can pick up a whole layer of products and fill a complete level in the carton. The most common are suction pads, which can suck the product from the level.

Pick&Place handling robot for packing

Handling robots with the following features are often used for packing goods into cartons:


Achsen: Axes: 4-6 axes articulated arm or cartesian robot systems.

Typical payload: 1-20 kg 

Typical reach: 300 – 1500 mm

Labeling & Marking

Robots can also simultaneously apply labels and tags to cartons or pallets in the process.

Handler for bags with debris

In case of heavy bags with bulk material, the grippers are usually used, which can lift the bags from below, since suction from above would put a lot of strain on the packaging of the bags and consume a lot of compressed air.


Robots with the following characteristics are often used for palletizing heavy goods on wooden/euro pallets:

Typical payload: 30 – 1000 kg 

Typical reach: 1,5 – 3,5 Meter

1500 mm

Palletizing Pack Pattern Generator (PPPG)

The PPPG calculates the optimal packing pattern for arranging cardboard on pallets.

Depalletizing by 3D camera and barcode scanning

Using 3D image processing systems, cartons can be reliably detected on pallets and stacked on a conveyor belt.
With barcode scanners, gripped cartons can be scanned directly before being deposited.