The drag&bot Robot-Kit

Configure the most suitable robot cell for your application
with our automation toolbox.

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YOU determine the scope

Select the most suitable hardware and services for your application.
The basis of a Robot-Kit is the drag&bot OS software.

More than an average robot cell

The Robot Kit unfolds its advantages through the use of the drag&bot OS software in every system.
Especially through the special features of drag&bot, the robot cells unfold all of their benefits.

Cobotdrag&bot Robot-KitSystem Integrator
Project Scope

Buy hardware and build robot application completely by yourself.

Customize flexible solution from the Robot-Kit and do the last 10% yourself.

Contract an external service provider to deliver a turnkey solution.


Variants can be defined by an internal robot expert.

Robot system can be retooled independently and quickly.
New variants can be created by the operator.

Part variants are defined and programmed at the beginning of the project.
Each additional variant costs extra.


From 50,000€*
ROI: from 9 months

*15,000-40,000€ for the cobot only. If collaborative operation very expensive CE (10k).

From 35.000€*
ROI: from 6 months

*incl. robot, software, cell, gripper, safety. Very cheap with DIY.

From 70,000€*
ROI: from 12 months

*of which ⅔ engineering costs.


6-12 months
Troublesome path from "naked" cobot to functioning application.

2-4 months
Standard components and flexible customization possible.

6-9 months
Depending on workload, even longer.

From 0 to robot in 6 weeks

In this short video we give you an overview of the Robot-Kit and the drag&bot OS software; Everything you need to start the flexible and economic robotization of your manufacturing!
Watch demo
Select the appropriate components for your application from various robots, grippers and other peripherals in the 3D environment of the Scenario Designer. Additional elements can be uploaded and inserted as CAD models.
Watch the video
Use the free access to our cloud version to get to know the drag&bot software and simulate your robot cell. You can start directly and without download in your browser. For a quick start, check out our tutorial videos.
Simulate process
Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your automation idea – via online meeting or on site. Based on your individual needs (cycle time, space requirements, budget, etc.) we will create a project outline.
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Depending on the support required: one of our staff members comes to you, sets the robot into operation, adapts the application to the conditions on site and trains your staff for independent operation on the robot.
Thanks to the simple operation with drag&bot, you can further optimize your automation solution yourself and adapt it to new requirements. You increase your competitiveness, throughput and quality and further develop your employees.

The Robot-Kit is suitable for many applications

The Robot-Kit is suitable for many applications

Example: Robot cell for CNC machine tending

  • Robot: 6-axis articulated-arm robot with 900 mm reach and 6kg payload
  • Gripper: electric two-finger parallel gripper module
  • Operating system: drag&bot software incl. industrial PC and touch panel
  • Base: Platform on rollers (1,4m x 0,8m footprint)
  • Safety: Enclosure with door switch
  • Other:
    • Control cabinet with main switch, I/O terminals, etc.
    • Documentation and pre-filled risk analysis for CE certification
  • Services:
    • Assembly and installation of the cell
    • 1 day operator training on site
    • drag&bot support and update contract (1 year)
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    Robot-Kit FAQ

    Your QuestionsOur Answers
    Will I get on-site training and setup assistance?
    Am I independent of third parties for use, maintenance and retrofitting?
    Can I build up my own automation expertise within the company?
    Do I need my own employees with mechanical and electrical know-how for the implementation?
    Do I need robotics professionals for programming?
    If I want, can I build parts of the solution myself to save engineering costs?
    Do I have the flexibility to automate multi-variant processes with as little downtime as possible?
    Does my automation pay for itself within months rather than years?
    Is the automation up and running and productive within a short time?