3D path teaching in 3 steps

Hardware Setup
  • Position MotionMATE sensors around workspace

  • Mount the calibration tool on the robot flange

  • Connecting MotionMATE to the calibration tool

  • Installing MotionMATE in Component Manager

  • Follow Calibration Wizard instructions

Motion Mate Anwendung
  • Demonstrate robot movement with a pen

  • Test robot application immediately with one click

  • Relearn a new movement in a few minutes


We show you We show you how easy it is to teach
new robot applications with the MotionMATE within seconds.

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    3D path teaching with MotionMATE

    • 10x faster teach-in: Show the robot its movement in 3D space by demonstrating, instead of laboriously approaching individual robot coordinates one after the other as before.

    • Hardware independent: One interface – all robots. With the help of video tutorials and remote support, your employees can quickly implement their own robot applications.

    • Plug&Play integration: A variety of robots, grippers, cameras, vision and feeder systems, force-torque sensors and tools (e.g. screwdrivers) give you the freedom of choice when creating your robot application

    Broad support for robots and peripherals

    The drag&bot operating system for robotics supports a large number of different robots, almost all grippers and force sensors as well as the most common image processing systems and communication interfaces.

    Use drag&bot to save valuable time when integrating grippers, cameras or PLC systems. With minimal effort, your hardware is connected to drag&bot and you can get started immediately.

    Use the hardware that best suits your application!