2D-VISION Module

The 2D-VISION module includes a hand/eye calibration for 2D cameras and enables image processing in OpenCV. In the first step, the intrinsic camera calibration, the lens distortions of the camera are compensated. Then, in the extrinsic calibration, the connection between the pixel coordinates in the camera image and the real position (in world coordinates) of objects or the robot is established. Both calibration methods can be used directly from drag&bot with a standard calibration pattern. In drag&bot different image processing logics can be developed with OpenCV and Python. For frequent applications, such as workpiece localization on one level, there are already program templates, which only need to be adapted.

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Supported cameras

2D-VISION with Basler cameras

  • Simple installation via the Component Manager

  • Intuitive step-by-step calibration
  • Setting camera parameters in the Operator Panel

  • Integration of the proven Basler pylon camera Software Suite

  • Flexible output protocol using TCP/IP

More about Basler cameras

2D-VISION with Sensopart cameras

  • The camera is linked to the robot via VISOR® ROBOTIC

  • Various detectors for locating up to 10,000 components

  • Result correction in the VISOR® software for easy adjustment of the picking point

  • Two calibration methods for robotics applications

  • Flexible output protocol using TCP/IP

More about Sensopart cameras

Why drag&bot?

How does commissioning work?

Graphical user interface for every robot – drag&bot CORE

  • COMPONENT MANAGER – Here the user configures the connected hardware. The installation of the corresponding drivers takes place automatically in the background.

  • BUILDER – Applications can be created from predefined function blocks using drag and drop.

  • WIZARDS – Graphical operating and input aids: Users can adapt function blocks to the specific requirements of their application without expert knowledge.

  • RUN VIEW – The created applications are executed here. With one click you return to the Builder and can extend and optimize the application.

drag&bot CORE

Additional modules for each application


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