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KUKA offers more than 25 different industrial robot types. Drag&bot supports the KUKA iiwa and the KRC4 controller.

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Setup any hardware combination within minutes! With drag&bot you can easily connect your hardware by Plug&Play.

How to do it

Weiss Robotics offers the first gripper products with integrated gripper part recognition and monitoring.

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  • Robot and gripper are assembled. The robot is connected to the IPC while the gripper is connected either to the IO_Link module or to the robot/PLC IOs.
  • The robot model and the gripper is added and configured in the Component Manager in drag&bot studio. Depending on the gripper, the IP address must be entered to setup the connection.
  • Select your installed components in the Component Manager. Move the robot and the gripper with the Operator Panel directly & intuitively.

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