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drag&bot supports a variety of different grippers and gripping systems

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Canadian manufacturer of grippers, vision systems and sensors.


Market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling systems.


Considered the world’s number 1 in industrial gripping systems.


Startup from Ludwigsburg, mainly distributes clamping grippers.


The largest German manufacturer of clamping grippers worldwide.

Thanks to drag&bot, all market-relevant grippers are quickly connected to the robot.

Most grippers used in industry and available on the market are controlled via simple, digital input-output (IO) signals and do not have their own sensors or other options for additional parameters. These grippers are controlled and fully supported by drag&bot via the connection to the IOs of the robot controller or via the IOs of the PLC.

drag&bot also provides interfaces to grippers based on TCP/IP protocols, IO Link or the Modbus protocol. This allows us to cover the entire spectrum of gripper systems available on the market.


Use any hardware and combine it as you wish

drag&bot supports a variety of different robots, almost all grippers and part supply systems and the most common image processing systems and communication interfaces.

Save valuable time when integrating grippers, cameras or PLC systems. With minimal effort, your hardware is connected to drag&bot and you can get started right away.

Use the hardware that suits your application best!

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