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What Drives Us

The following core-values define our company culture:

  • Customer Oriented: Our Customers always have the highest priority. Positive feedback from our customers defines our success. Constructive, negative feedback motives us to get even better.

  • Team Spirit: We work together, we help each other and have fun in and out of work.

  • Performance, Responsibility & Reliability: We work independently and are responsible for the successful, timely implementation of our tasks. We counter challenges with pragmatism instead of using them as an excuse.

  • Fault-tolerant climate of innovation: We offer the necessary freedom & support to implement new ideas. Possible mistakes and failures are allowed and tolerated, never punished.

  • Quality awareness: Our products and services meet the highest demands of the industry. Through our quality assurance and testing, we ensure that our products are free of defects.

How We Work

We use cutting-edge-technology both in our products as well as our process. We extensivly use agile methods like Scrum and Kanban boards to organize product development. We apply continous integration to deliver product features fast and with high quality.

We use modern CRM and business analytic systems to interact with our customers across multiple touchpoints.

“Talent wins’ games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan, American basketball player


We are a passioned, interdisciplinary team – strongly commited to make robot programming easier for manufacturing companies.

Witalij Siebert
Witalij Siebert
Product Management
Daniel Seebauer
Daniel Seebauer
Business Development
Martin Naumann
Martin Naumann
Sales & Operations
Pablo Quilez
Pablo Quilez

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